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My new addiction... c0rny can attest!

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The Everything Test

There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, purity tests, stereotype tests, political tests. But now, there is one test to rule them all.

Traditionally, online tests would ask certain questions about your musical tastes or clothing for a stereotype, your experiences for a purity test, or deep questions for a personality test.We're turning that upside down - all the questions affect all the results, and we've got some innovative results too! Enjoy :-)

You are more logical than emotional, more concerned about self than concerned about others, more atheist than religious, more loner than dependent, more workaholic than lazy, more traditional than rebel, more engineering mind than artistic mind, more cynical than idealist, more leader than follower, and more introverted than extroverted.

As for specific personality traits, you are adventurious (100%), romantic (71%).

Young Professional82%
Life Experience

Your political views would best be described as Liberal, whom you agree with around 64% of the time.
Your attitude toward life best associates you with Upper Middle Class. You make more than 0% of those who have taken this test, and 69% less than the U.S. average.

If your life was a movie, it would be rated PG.
By the way, your hottness rank is 40%, hotter than 58% of other test takers.

brought to you by thatsurveysite


Who wants to see Reno 911!: Miami with me?

Sarah's gone for the weekend, Sam's boyfriend is with her for the weekend and Sze Ngo might not enjoy/understand quite all of it.  It got fairly good ratings from the critics and who doesn't love Reno 911?!


The monotony of work for the next two months will be the death of me.  We're so busy with doing the same testing over and over every week...  I'm in some serious need of amusement or intellectual stimulation or just about anything other than physical property testing...

Ahoy... !

Alright - I'm going to get my MBA, simple as that.  I'm rather infuriated with the lack of response as far as getting a job, so I'm just going to skip that step.  I'm sure my dad'll be thrilled, as he's been saying I should get it for awhile now.  It's too bad his reasoning was it'd be "easy".  That deterred me even more from wanting to get an MBA, because if I'm going be spending a crap-ton of money on school, the last thing I want is it to be easy.  I damn well better be learning something significant.

At this point I'm just researching different programs, including U of M, State, Oakland, U of Detroit - Mercy, CMU, WSU and Northwood.  SVSU was not suggested as it lacks the reputation necessary.  I imagine that applying to U of M or State would be pointless, even if I do meet the requirements as my undergraduate work is mediocre and I don't have many great references, but we'll see.  Another question - applying to schools out of state?

Things to do MBA-wise:
  - Study for the GMAT
  - Sign up to take the GMAT
  - Determine which schools I can apply to (based on admission criteria, deadlines and funding)

Things to do otherwise:
  - Take some photos downtown with the Holga
  - Find/purchase small-ish chair to re-upholster
  - Frog/fix/continue Sarah's sweater (I hate intarsia!)
  - Locate a table so I can set up my sewing machine in the basement

tee hee hee

Have you ever want to go to sleep simply because you don't want anything to ruin your mood for the rest of the day?  Why risk losing fond memories only because some ridiculous occurrence happened upon you that same day?  I'm not a huge risk taker and I'm big on enjoying, even savoring the moment.

This, my friends, is why you may find me asleep in but a few moments time.

But why...?

So last weekend I was informed that au cause de my sister's bf is flying into Detroit on Wednesday and everyone is busy sauf moi, I get to drive down there with Sam to pick him up.  Sarah has class and of course mum and dad are working... I'm all that's left.  I guess mom's compensating me, but possibly only $25 for both ways and 4 hours plus of my time... greeeaaat.  So watch the roads because I'll be driving manically to DTW and back Wednesday and Sunday of this week... 

Update - Nevermind.

I probably should be writing something here from time to time.  I don't see all of you that often and I'm sure you'd like to know what's going on.  Well, it's the same thing it has always been, so don't get your hopes up.  Work's as boring as ever, dad's randomly snippy, my room's a mess... and so on and so forth.  I don't know how I can make it much more boring.  I'm as lethargic as always, devoting my time to the imac and it's ever enticing ways.  I really want to go take some pictures after work, but somehow I always convince myself to go straight home.  "It's too cold."  "I'm too tired."  "It's shitty photography conditions."  You get the idea.  I really want to do something worthwhile, but I just can't get the energy nor balls to do so. (Yeah, I got balls, you got a problem with that? -scratches-)

The fraking upcoming "holiday" isn't helping much either.  I just love the constant reminders of how alone I am and how everyone else will be out celebrating or flying to Jamaica or buying useless crap that will show they "really care".  It's not as though I ever really celebrated much before, so it shouldn't matter, but I think it's a combination of occurrences.  Pretty much at this point I just want to be held for a wee bit.  You know, just to take the edge off the loneliness.  I'm not even worried about dating anyone right now and as a matter of fact, it's probably best that I don't until I figure out where I'll be located this summer and beyond.  I just need a bit of comforting and I'll be on my way. 
Lumberjack! lumberjack! (Yes, there are two.) Wherefore art thou, lumberjack?!
In this case, news is also bad news.
In this situation, no news is bad news.



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